Half-day Affairs

If we can’t have all the time in the world, we’ll at least have all the time we need.

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The Half-Day Girlfriend Experience

Being someone’s girlfriend is not easy - you need to be a quick learner, know your partner’s life and dislikes, and not be afraid to do things they like - lucky for you - I tick all of these boxes.

The Half-Day GFE gets you impeccably and conservatively dressed (albeit smoking hot) woman in the morning and a compassionate partner to explore new horizons within the bedroom (a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets, if you will).

The Half-Day Pornstar Experience

Sometimes, you just want to go harder, for longer - which is fine because the Half-Day VBE + PSE escort package exists.

The Half-Day Pornstar Experience with a seductive escort in Sydney gives you exactly what it promises - a beautiful woman that isn’t afraid to be a little more naughty than your usual girlfriends. If there’s something you want to experience, not only am I willing, I will most likely be able to make it more intense.

Half-day Affairs

Sydney VIP Escort
6 - 9 Hours
$4500 AUD