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Vivienne Black is a well renowned Sydney Escort and Executive Escort Coach (EXC)

Executive Escort Coaching With Vivienne Black

I believe in the importance of your success and strive for excellence with my personal aims to remain grounded, focussed and humble along the way. I do not discriminate or alienate based on your current working situations and welcome all enquiries.

Executive Escort Business Coaching With Vivienne Black

Attention Aspiring Business Professionals and Adult Industry Influencers

My executive escort coaching programs and appointments are available in person or online and will:

- Re-energise you and your outlook on work
- Improve your productivity
- Increase your income
- Assist you with reaching both your business and personal objectives.

I Believe in Collaboration, Not Competition.

Two minds are always better than one and I listen to your thoughts with genuine care. I want to hear your business pain points and help you strategise a personalized solution to overcome them.

There are many paths to achieving success and my previous experience and skills place me in a unique situation to be able to provide a variety of educational and growth opportunities to you.

Coaching & Consulting Globally

As a touring international escort mentor, I am available to comfortably and confidently consult and coach private escorts; as well as other adult industry business types in Sydney and abroad.


My Strengths

Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Business Development
Goal Setting & KPI's
Branding & Re-Branding
Client Retention 
International Touring
Sales Process
Financial Budgeting & Accounting
SEO Copy
Side Hustles
Image and Brand Styling

Creating a high-performance business and brand takes practice, and anyone who is now successful has found their way, but not everyone has the same skills or experience to guide you to find yours.

Education & Experience

Working With Me

My Aim's and Your Experience

My Aims

Providing a safe space for continuing your business education as I continue expanding my own business is an opportunity that I treasure.

I believe skill-sharing is vitally essential for every individual in our industry. In addition to this, I promote networking, self-care, loyalty, friendship, fighting adversity, advocacy, outreach and educating to change the stigma.

Most of all, I enjoy learning from you, too; we all have so many different experiences and goals. Diversity is something you will find encouraged by me as a new friend and escort mentor.

I may not be the right choice for everyone, and that is a-ok. If you are struggling to find a suitable mentor, I will happily guide you to find them on your business journey.

Brand & Business Development Examples

I have been blessed to work with some of the best in the business including but not limited to:
- Sin By Design
- Penthouse Black Label
- Pretty Danger Valent
- Olivia Winsome
- Natalie Summers
- Mariana Zabala
- Brianna Price
- Ryan James
- Anne Melbourne
- Cece Reign
- Holly Winters
- Olivia York
- Lily Lawrence
- Arianna Gold
- Kiera Quinn
- Kyla Winters
- Alana Hunter
- Ruby Wild
- Honey Squeeze
- Isabella Gray

Why Hire a Business Mentor or Business Consultant?

When To Hire EXC Vivienne Black

You hire Vivienne Black when you want to unleash your potential, to find the freedom and confidence to push yourself further without fear of failure.

At some stage during your adult industry career, you might be in need of some whorey wisdom, genuine guidance and helpful advice a successful adult industry leader and dedicated Executive Escort Coach (EXC).

Escort Coach Business Education & Idea's For Success

Every business success starts with an idea and the desire to achieve it. Although desire should be enough, you may encounter obstacles or dilemmas obstructing your pathway to succeed, especially if you have never managed your own escort small business affairs before.

Education and business solutions might only be one of the many reasons you are seeking the services of industry supporting businesses, sex worker organisations and industry influencers, such as an escort business mentor.

Growth Hacking & Development

The Right Connections

An escort mentor should provide you with the following pillars of success during your journey towards achieving your goals:






Business Training

Having already paved the way through a successful career, escort mentors understand what it takes to make it to the top.

A skilled adult business trainer will see beyond your limits and the limitations you may have placed on yourself. A fantastic escort coach knows the shortcuts you need to take in order to succeed quickly.

Haux mentors know how to get you on the right track towards achieving your goals, inspire you to keep moving in the right direction, even if you might not be able to identify where that is or what your goals need to be.

Most of all escort mentors know what success feels and tastes like. Some have endured personal pain and professional hardships, all know the pleasures high achievement brings and understand sacrifice.

EXC Packages for Independent Escorts Worldwide


1:1 Appointment

Got questions that need answers? Get EXC to answer them in-person or via video call:

30 mins.....$200

1 hour...... $300

2 hour.......$500

From $200 AUD

1:1 Brand Therapy Workshop

An hour-long brand strategy and creation brainstorm session covering:

- Brand Name
- Brand Mission
- Service Pricing
- Target Audience
- Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategy & Set-Up
- Brand Visual Advice
- Copywriting Advice
- Domain and Website Advice

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1:1 Revival Workshop

Over 6-hours Vivienne helps you create a new brand or revive your current brand. This comprehensive package is a gold mine for baby hoes or those in a slump.

Includes the 1:1 Brand Therapy Workshop + Business Health Check (Audit)

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