Australian Adult Industry Awards

March 3, 2020

Your Support

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me to take home the 2018 Australian Adult Industry Ambassador Award.

The Australian Adult Industry Awards (AAIA) was hosted this year in Melbourne.

This award means so much to me and for the recognition of some of the work I have been doing with Sin By Design over the last few months.

Sin By Design Is An Adult Industry Ambassador

Sin By Design is only in its infancy and is creating great change for independent sex worker businesses.

I have so many goals and amazing projects that will be rolling out after my retirement from escorting.

We have plans to turn a small escort mentoring company, into a sustainable support agency and platform for all to access.

Winning the Australian Adult Industry Ambassador Award has increased peer recognition in our industry. This award will help us achieve great things within our community.

If you have been searching for business support services in the adult industry, please check out my mentoring services or head over to the Sin By Design website.

Just Have Fun

I know that the Australian Adult Industry Awards gets a really bad wrap.

I am just happy to see a variety of individuals from our industry get together for a good time. 

We need more networking events like this one to get everyone together for some much-needed fun. 

I wish I arrived earlier and got to speak to more of you who attended the event. 

Congratulations & Thank You

Many thanks, to escort photographer Richard Arthur for collecting the award on my behalf.

Everyone looked fantastic dressed to impress! There were so many sparkling gowns and hot men in suits to hold on to.

Congratulations to all of the attendees, whether you are an award winner or not, you made an effort to support an industry networking event and mingled with your peers.

Many thanks to the hosts and organisers for providing the event and opportunity to us all.

I hope to see you all again soon, and if not I will be seeing you at the next one.

Have a safe and magical week ahead!

VIvienne Black xx