The Wish List

Gifts and grants are appreciated but are not expected.

If you do wish to bring along a little added contribution to our intimate and steamy escort booking, I most certainly won’t object.

As a big believer in the well known saying “sharing is caring,” perhaps shop around for an offering we can both enjoy in each others company.

A present shared together is a bounty that would truly satisfy me.

If you are feeling incredibly generous, below is a list of links to causes I feel very passionately about, and would be incredibly grateful if your benefaction is granted here instead:


If you insist on a more personal pledge, and want catch me off guard as I swoon over your juicey endowment and tender touch.

These are a few of my favourite things to consider:

Pets: Pet Barn Voucher

Perfume: Valentino Donna

Flowers: Red Roses or Yellow Tulips

Food: Dark Chocolate

Alcohol: Cristal 2002 or Grey Goose

Art: Simon Lovelace or Mariel Clayton

Stationery: Kikki k Voucher

Beauty Products: SK - II

Makeup: Sephora Voucher

Bags: Versace

Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Valentino or Sophia Webster size 39.5

Lingerie: Agent Provocateur

Jewellery: Gold