Sydney Covergirl Escort

Vivienne Black

Sydney covergirl escort Vivienne Black is one of the most well known and well reviewed, sexy, successful and seductive intimate call girl centrefolds. Sweet and delicious, she had jumped out of your favourite mens magazines and landed in bed with you.

Wish List

Gifts are appreciated but are not expected.

If you do wish to bring along a little added contribution to our intimate and steamy escort booking, I most certainly won’t object.

As a big believer in the well known saying “sharing is caring,” perhaps shop around for an offering we can both enjoy in each others company like a sexy toy or outfit.

A present shared together is a bounty that would truly satisfy me.

If you are feeling incredibly generous, below is a list of links to causes I feel very passionately about, and would be incredibly grateful if your benefaction is granted here instead:

These are a few of my favourite things If you would still like to bring along something more personal as a present.

Pets: Pet Barn Voucher

Perfume: Valentino Donna

Flowers: Roses or Tulips

Food: Dark Chocolate

Alcohol: Grey Goose

Art: Simon Lovelace or Mariel Clayton

Stationery: Anything, I love stationary!

Beauty Products: SK - II

Makeup: Sephora Voucher

Lingerie: Agent Provocateur

Jewellery: Gold