vivienne black experience


The Vivienne Black Experience is entirely unique. Not too hot, not too cold, It is just right.

Smack bang in the centre of the goldilocks zone, this sensual pornstar experience and feverishly intense girlfriend experience is combined into one iilustrious encounter that we can equally enjoy together.

I absolutely love sex and letting you know I want you is very important to me. I found that having two sctructed packages, a GFE and a PSE, was confining our pleasure rather than letting it explode like fireworks as we desired.

Every single lover I have had the pleasure of indulging is incredibly different and many simply can not be defined as just a GFE or PSE client. It is never that simple, life and sex-ploration will never be that black and white.

Sexuality is fluid and enjoyment will not be trapped underneath a glowing number of services and the labels to define them. Going with the flow seems like the best way to ensure my service is the best that I can offer you.

Having recently hit the dirty 30 mark in life, I can confirm that female sexuality begins to flow freely and change with age. I can feel that I am at my sexual peak, and I am finding it difficult control my frenzied fucking urges. It’s amazing how feverishly horny I am today, more so than I was as teenager.

Feeling revamped and brand new, I am not like any of the other girls you have been with yet. Neither plastic nor plain, immature or vain, I open my door with an open mind, open heart and devilishly open mouth kiss.

From the moment we meet you will be relaxed and calm; honry as hell and will find the confidence with ease to tell me your deepest passions and desires. I have the ability to quiet even the most talkative minds when our bodies become entwined.

For those eager to sample an experience like no other, unmatched in excellence and as diverse as the spectrum of a rainbow; The Vivienne Black Experience is what you have been seeking.

Allow me to introduce to you my dazzling delights and the warm and wet recesses I visit frequently, and hopefully you shall too.

I am more then excited to evoke pleasurable sensations coupled with heart-stopping tenderness for you.

The anticipation is already driving me wild…

Vivienne Black x