Vivienne black

Brains & Bombshell - Sensual and Intense - The Goldilocks Zone

Vivienne Black welcomes you back into her world – a dazzling Vivi-verse tightly packed and filled to the brim with all of the wicked debauchery and perverted pleasures that one could wish to taste on the tip of the tongue.

Not too hot, not too cold, Vivienne Black is just right.

Linger a little while as you thrust into something more deviant or savour at the moment as you slip into something more comfortable. No matter your prefered endeavour, the thirst you are seeking to quench will never run dry here. This playpen is gushing with endless possibilities that can explore intimately with Vivienne, inch by inch. Drink-up!

This is your chance to partake in the now exclusive and already infamous adult playground called the Vivienne Black Experience.

The rides in this wonderland are fit only for the most curious and courageous of the alley cats, best come prepared to have every ml of your cream drained dry.

If this was a game, Vivienne plays to win.

Welcome back to the dark-side. Now is your time to get back in Black.


not too hot

International Escort - Vivienne Black


Not too Cold

The Vivienne Black Experience


just right

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Email and SMS are prefered for when you are first touching base as I am no longer an Escort Full Time.

Please remember to include your city and prefered date & time, as well as any additional information about how and when I can contact you back.

I do endeavour to reply to everyone personally and this can be rather time consuming. Response times can vary although I do try to get back to you within 24 hours.

Last minute is virtually impossible for me to cater to, although there is no harm in asking as I shall try my best if and when I can.

Vivienne Black x

burgundy sheet.jpg