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Confirmed Travel Itinerary From January to March 2019

Vivienne Black VIP Travel Escort

Vivienne Black VIP Travel Escort

Where you can find me fornicating over the next few months!


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December 2018

Melbourne: 29th - 31st

January 2019

Melbourne 1st - 9th

Brisbane: 9th & 10th

Melbourne: 11th -15th

Sydney 16th - 20th

Melbourne 21st - 23rd

Hong Kong 23rd - 27th

Singapore: 29th - February 2nd

February 2019

Melbourne 2nd - 14th

Sydney 15th - 18th

Auckland 20th - 23rd

Christchurch 25th - 28th

March 2019

Adelaide: 13th - 16th

Perth: 19th - 24th

Singapore: 25th - 31st

*Advanced bookings with a deposit are recommended to secure our date

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