Social Escort


Social Escort

Never again will you attend alone those dull, dreary and obligatory events that are so unsatisfactory without flirtatious company, to say the least. 

From here on in, your future work trips away can also include the exploration of new cities, accompanied by this adventurous and amorous grounded guide. Experience a thrilling and sensory-filled journey, tailor-made especially just for you to enjoy.

If you are seeking the presence of a delectable social escort, the hostess with the mostess, who can please a crowd and deliver a night to remember, then I am the woman for you to pursue.

Perhaps you are yearning for a pamper date or a private picnic which is not solely focused on the physical pleasures in life. Where our time is instead superseded by wit and the art of conversing together, let us leave no thought or stone unturned. 

Refine your repertoire in any persuasion, no matter the topic you wish to achieve excellence in with my friendly guidance. Request a consultation, hire your very own suit stylist, personal shopper for the gifts you forgot away or a sultry private assistant by the hour. Confide in me the dynamite “date doctor” your confidential confidante, to boost your self-esteem, stroke your mind and perhaps share a friendship.

With me by your side as your discreet and bedazzling date or mate, we shall ignite a spark in your life and put a spring in your step if it will please.

You will not be left wanting, no incumbent function will ever be boring again, as I am your delightful tease.

Fall in lust with me as often or infrequent as you will. 

  • Netflix and G rated chill

  • Coffee or cocktail meet and greet

  • Hostess for hire

  • Summer park picnics

  • Winter warmer companion

  • Couples coaching 

  • Styling & personal brand kits and creation

  • Business consultant

  • Personal shopper 

  • Personal assistant by the hour

  • Man training - send you man to me and I shall teach him your wicked ways

  • Holiday friend

  • Business conference attendee 

  • Fake girlfriend

  • Interview practice 

  • Room service - a home cooked meal delivered to your hotel in Vivi Style (Melbourne Only)

  • Date doctor 

  • Please note this is a non sexual service