Vivienne Black

X - Factor Demeanour X -Rated Attitude

Escort Vivienne Black is one of the finest independent Sydney Escorts, touring frequently to Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and Darwin. See her stunning reviews on Private Girls, Punter Planet and Scarlet Blue.

NEW Tour Dates - June & July 2018
to Jul 31

NEW Tour Dates - June & July 2018

Melbourne Escort - Sydney Escort - Singapore Escort - Brand New Tour Dates - June & July 2018

Australian Escort Vivienne Black - Back To Work After An Extended Break


Welcome Back Lover - I've missed you!

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MELBOURNE: 11th & 12th

 SYDNEY: 13th & 14th

MELBOURNE: 15th One night

SYDNEY: 16th & 17th

MELBOURNE: 18th & 19th

SYDNEY: 20th & 21st

MELBOURNE: 22nd - 24th

SYDNEY: 25th - 28th

MELBOURNE: 29th - July 2nd



MELBOURNE: 1st & 2nd

SYDNEY: 2nd - 4th

SINGAPORE: 4th - 11th  Whats App Number is 0487542024

MELBOURNE: 14th - 31st

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*** June 2018 -  I am available in Sydney weekly only on Wednesdays & Thursdays
*** Advance bookings are preferred
*** Discreet deposit is essential for all new customers and international tours
*** I do request a quick phone call when possible to get to know you better before our steamy rendezvous
*** 24 hours notice is preferred
*** Last minute enquiries are welcome although not guaranteed

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