Overnight Escort

Extended Dates - Haut Monde

Seeking an opulent 6 star affair with a courtesan like no other?

Spoil yourself as a vip and unwind in style with a sparkling diamond by your side.

Longer engagements are where I truly shine.

I love to get to know all my lovers intimately in a relaxed and non rushed environment.

I am always impeccably and conservatively dressed, well versed with conversation to impress. There is never a dull moment to be had when we are together.

If you are seeking an extended dinner date with a sexy minx for dessert, an overnight indulgence or a weekend escape, booking me as a signature VIP ensures I am the perfect partner to invite for the ride.

Perfect Pairs - Half-Day Affair

6-9 hours


Sparkling Diamond - Overnight

10 - 14 hours


Casino Royale - Full Day Affair

24 hours


Haut Monde - Weekend Escape

48 hours