Why Do Escorts Work and Have Sex For Money?

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Why Do Escorts Work & Have Sex For Money?

By Vivienne Black

This might come as a little bit of a shock to you, but I am a real woman.

What I mean in saying that, is that I am a multifaceted human being who has independent thoughts, feelings, desires and goals.

Naturally and on occasion, just like any other human being on this planet; I also have fears, anxiety, self-doubt or self-consciousness.

I can already hear you asking “My gosh Vivi! What does this have to do with the question, why do escorts work and have sex for money?”

Well, for you these topics might seem unrelated, but for me, they are significantly intertwined into my answer.


In short, I work and sometimes have sex for money because It is an excellent paying job and I genuinely enjoy sex.

Why do escorts work and have sex for money? Sex! Have you had sex? Sex really is a mood changer but only one of the amazing reasons I work.

Why do escorts work and have sex for money? Sex! Have you had sex? Sex really is a mood changer but only one of the amazing reasons I work.

However, the reasons why I decided to pursue this as a career and the reasons why I still do, are much more profound and complex than just money.

I am Empowered

I enjoy my job immensely because I enjoy liberation. I have gifted myself with the power to curb and control my anxieties and fears as mentioned above.

Being a private escort has allowed me the ability to paint my destiny to a certain degree.

Obviously, I cannot control everything, however, working as an independent escort enable me to make choices that may not have been available to me otherwise.

There have been a few periods of my escort career where I felt this was not the case. Where I was deeply unhappy or not feeling fulfilled, but this was never due to me working per-se.

Instead, it was due to me not working how I wanted to. After some time for reflection, I made changes to fix that because despite what some SWERFs may think, I am responsible for my own well being and can take control of my life and work.

I am not a prostituted person or an individual who lacks control and self-respect. I am not trafficked or harming myself in any way. I am an escort entrepreneur who is coming into her own and owning it like a boss.

Escort Mentoring Available at Sin By Design

Escort Mentoring Available at Sin By Design

To any other escorts reading this if you do not feel that you are getting enough from your job, I encourage you to try and approach your work differently. To make it count, make it work for you do not work for it, do not become a slave to the industry.

If you are interested in mentoring and/or brand consulting services, please visit my website sinbydesign.com

I Empower Others

I am a very privileged worker, although this was not always the case. I have worked really hard for the brand I have built. It has taken me close to 7 years to perfect business and over 4 years to create my brand.

It takes a lot of work to perfect your brand and business. If you are struggling with this I can help you.

There has been many ups and downs or close calls during my time in the industry, and I choose to share these with ladies and gentleman who feel they are in need of assistance for whatever reason. I don’t know all the answers, but I can help them achieve some of their goals.

Knowledge is power, and I am in the position to choose to help and empower those around me. I wouldn’t have the ability to do this and help the people I have, if I did not have sex for money, to begin with.

In addition to helping other workers, occasionally I have the opportunity to empower my clients. Every now and then I am blessed with a booking to help someone grow whether it be sexually, mentally or emotionally.

Despite what many people assume, not all sex work means having sex. Some clients I have seen have much more profound reasons for booking an escort.

Some examples include grieving from the loss of a loved one; dealing with the trauma of both the body and mind; or are self-conscious about exploring their desires with another person.

These people often feel judged and incredibly isolated in the world. It brings me so much joy, and I know it does with many other workers also, to be able to provide a service for these people that makes them genuinely happy.


I can expand my horizons and travel for work, and I do just that, as an Australian International Escort.

Travel is possibly one of my absolute favourite and rather expensive past times. By the time I am ready to hang up my stockings for good, I am hoping to expand and see even more unusual places.

Travelling is great for your soul!

Travelling is great for your soul!

I like to travel not only for work but in my personal life too. Experiencing new cultures and customs is at the very top of my "things I love list."

If you were to ask where the majority of my money has been spent over the years, I would proudly confirm for you it has been on travelling. This makes me incredibly happy.

I know I have invested my money wisely as I am rich with worldly experiences, I never would encounter before working.

When I am old and grey in a nursing home, I will not only be periodically shouting “ I sucked cock for cash” at random bystanders, as that does not adequately summarise my life. I do wish to note here that I very much intend to shout this, as an old lady whenever, I get the chance to.

I also will not be looking back at my life and asking "what if's?"

I will be reliving all the stunning landscapes I have explored, mountains I climbed, exotic places I have danced, secluding swimming holes I dipped in, all the summer romances I enjoyed and the many people I met on my journey to discover me.

Adult education is an important aspect in my life. What is important to you and are you making time for it?


Naturally curious, I am life student; there is not one subject I find disinteresting. Well, almost none, country music is a topic I don’t care too much for in all honesty.

This job has allowed me the freedoms to study whatever I want, whenever I want. Why? Because I can afford it.

Not only can I afford it in a cash-money, but I can provide it to myself as I have the most valuable currency known to man - time.


As an extra bonus, I don’t have to struggle when I learn passionately about the world around me that I find, so awe-inspiring.

I control my lifestyle, and I can be as lazy or as busy as I want. Naturally, when being lazy, I am likely not achieving my goals or KPI’s, but sometimes that's ok too. It has taken me a long time to realise I can only enjoy my life if I choose to put myself first.

I always felt like I needed to be proactive and productive all the time, and while that is all good in the short term, in the long run not having to deal with burnout is also a bonus. Taking time for me to stop and smell the roses has become a priority for me these past few months.

Please note that when I say being busy above, that doesn’t just mean having sex for money. There are so many other aspects to this job and to building a sex worker brand that not very many people seem to understand or recognise.

Professional Growth

Being a private escort, I can manage and control my limitations with regards to my escorting career.

I can make it a big deal or a secret if I choose to. I can capitalise on the brand I have built or I cannot, it is entirely up to me to see how far I wish to push the envelope.

Stigma is a big problem that a lot of sex workers face. Australian workers are very blessed, but we still can’t rise above glass ceilings in certain aspects too.

The only drawback to being an independent sex worker is that there are no actual limitations you place on yourself, but other people try to put restrictions on you for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

To them, I say “stuff you buddy, not today!”

As I have found out recently, other industry professionals don’t consider all those years of brand building, content marketing, accounting, bookkeeping, mentoring and managing others etc. As employable skills, I can cash in on to continue growing professionally.

Well, that’s just bullshit.

When someone says you can’t do it, do it anyway! Do it twice…. and take pictures!

If you ridicule and don’t want to employ a sex worker because of your stigma towards them, then that's your loss as a business owner.

Sex workers are the most laborious working customer service and sales individuals in any industry you will encounter. They don’t call it hustling for no reason!

Not being accepted professionally by others is not something I am letting hold me back from exploring and growing.

Instead, I am creating new opportunities for myself and those around me by creating new businesses to work in.

Personal Growth

Now for the clincher, a cliffhanger if I may. A few years ago I was a victim of an assault that has significantly impacted me.

I think, for me, what is worse is that I don’t recall so much of it, so my very active imagination often wanders to fill in the gaps and provide explanations as to how it was that my body felt those types of pain afterwards. My mind has felt great pain on occasion since also.

At the time I had an incredibly supportive partner who guided me towards finding my inner strength to trust the world around me and my place in it again.

I also had my parents to remind me of my strong will and backbone, to not give in to negative thinking.

Most of all, I had my work. A daily space and place I could retreat to be another version of me wearing armour, while my mind and heart reworked its self to heal and feel whole again.

This version of me was better and stronger. She was invincible, and I believe I grew into that woman and beyond her.

It might seem counterintuitive to many, but sex work helped me overcome one of the most significant events in my life that obliterated my confidence, making room only for fear, self-doubt and self-consciousness.

Fast forward the clock, I am once again a confident young woman entering her prime, and I feel I can take on the world. 

Wrap Up

I guess the point I am trying to make with this article is that escorts don’t just work and have sex for money to get by. Earning a keep is not the only reason why escorts work, and having sex is not the only thing we do to get paid.

I just really wanted to use this picture!

There can be many other reasons as to why a person has decided to pursue sex work as a career.

Mine is to help, explore and grow while I am getting paid to do so.

I am confident that if you asked other workers, most would give you numerous examples and personal stories as to why they work, that is unique to them, in addition to what I have told you here.

Please don’t take my example as the only one read to educate yourself on this topic, because there are sex workers who do this work purely to survive.

I hope they slay their targets and pay and their bills, with enough left over at the end of the month to provide a bit of breathing room.

If you encounter a working individual who is in this industry for survival, show them some kindness and support them, perhaps give them a generous tip if you can.

If you happen to be interviewing them for a job, keep in mind how many other non-sexual skills that a person can bring to your team and give them a chance to prove it. You might never know how much that might mean to them.


What are your thoughts about my post? Please feel free to leave some comments below.

I would be delighted to hear from you.

Vivienne Black x