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Tour Guide - World Wide 2019

Tour Guide - World Wide 2019

Hello world!

This very excited minx has not worked full time for almost 12 months.

I wish I could honestly say I had an amazing holiday in that time, unfortunately, my time off was more of a “not by choice” scenario.

However, with things starting to align, a few new doors have just swung wide open for me. I tend to live life with a “grab it by the balls” and to hell with the consequences kind of attitude, so here it comes. The big news…

My lover Lana Jade escort and I will be available in Sydney -

I am coming back to full time work temporarily with a two month plus WORLD TOUR

To my Sydney lovers, although I am going to be based in you again, you will see we have very few opportunities in the near future to catch up.

May I suggest two things to everyone who would like to meet me:

  1. Subscribe/Request Your City Availability here

  2. Make an advanced booking or ask me about getting your self pre-screened using referrals or a very small deposit

Last minute appointments are not available unless you have been screened prior.


Melbourne 10th - 13th

Sydney 14th - 19th - With Lana Jade

Auckland 20th - 24th

Christchurch 25th 27th

Sydney 27th & 28th - With Lana Jade


Hobart 1st -3rd ( deposits essential before Feb 28th to secure tour)

Sydney 4th - 6th

Hong Kong 7th - 12th

Macau 12th

Sydney 14th -18th

Perth 19th -24th

Singapore 27th - April 3rd


Kuala Lumpur 4th - 8th

Sydney 10th - May4th

Canada - Toronto & Vancouver - Register your Interest.


London 6th -12th

Paris 13th - 17th

French Riviera & Monaco 18th - 28th

Once again, if you would like to select any city in the world for me to meet with you , click here.

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