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Vivienne Black

Sydney covergirl escort Vivienne Black is one of the most well known and well reviewed, sexy, successful and seductive intimate call girl centrefolds. Sweet and delicious, she had jumped out of your favourite mens magazines and landed in bed with you.

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Sydney Sinners,

The countdown is on.

 The weekend wind up has now begun and the question that is wet on the tip of my tongue is  “are you ready for a complete and utter take over?”

 I am coming home and this time I am not on my own!

Phoenix Chase and I are two devilish partners in crime and we are offering you this rare opportunity to escape to our bed sheets, to have your rooster crowing in more ways than one.

If you really want to be bold, our lesbian double packages are something untold. 

You are unlikely to have experienced this encounter before as we encourage you to slip in and stay deep in the action.  There is no fakery here, we genuinely can't keep our hands off one and another.  Our chemistry is hot enough to melt your pants and cause a house fire on the daily! Whoever knew to burn alive could feel so darn good... 

These delightful and deviant dalliances accompanied by our cock-throbbing master-strokes are available just for you Sydney, this Saturday and Sunday from early until late. Please let it be known, we only have limited availability remaining.

Gift yourself an experience in the heist of a century as we steal hearts, dampens sheets and rocket you to the stratosphere and beyond.

A long kiss goodnight and I shall see you when you wake,

Vivienne x