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Escort Vivienne Black is one of the finest independent Sydney Escorts, touring frequently to Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and Darwin. See her stunning reviews on Private Girls, Punter Planet and Scarlet Blue.

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A Little Teaster

Get Your Answers: We Are Open For Business

Full Brand development and strategic planning is not something usually offered by a boutique web and graphics studios. I believe this is a pity. Having the helping hand of only one person, from start to finish; helps personalise your own customer experience and provides a personal touch when planning your goals business from beginning to end.

Having rebranded myself on countless situations, on my own over the 9 years, is a working is a testimony in itself. This was before I understood or knew anything at all about how big companies called it a strategy. In addition to this, I have mentored, coached and consulted many other brands, many of whom have become well-known names here in Australia and abroad. Not the names you would see or hear in your house hold during daytime hours anyway.

I have a strong belief that the adult biz is about to show all these startup young venture capital and marketing professionals how it's really done. We might be late to the brand party, its not like we were invited to begin with; and we are forced to sit at this table due of law changes banning our business on the internet, but we are still here and you won't be rid of us anytime soon. Can I be so bold to actually suggest your next business consultant might be a person of sinful repertoire? Why not!

We continuously get knocked down, then we get up again. Prime examples of small business all over the globe waking up, starting up and then starting again. There is a reason we have survived the test of time to be the oldest profession in the world, we are perfect business professionals and completely adaptable risk taking entrepreneurs. Are you ready for the Adult Biz Rebrand? We are open for business…

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Winter Warmer VIP 2.0


The days are short and long cold nights creep in and take over. 

The uneasy feeling of detachment and wondering why you are sleeping alone... I would much prefer to keep you warm and have you feel me instead.

Last year I released a package called “Winter Warmer” which came about due to my tour plans abroad being cancelled last minute. 

I very much enjoyed my time and as per all of your requests, I am offering it again.

Unlike many other providers, when you book a special package such as this one, I honour this rate for you each and every time you book in with me. I do not really see a point in offering it to you otherwise, as our date may dwindle to be a one-time fling. I would prefer it to be the start of a new and regular perversion.

The Winter Warmer - 

*** ***Only 1 Available Per Package *****

5 hour PSE - $3300 (Usually $3700) 

12 hours GFE - $3800 (Usually $5000)

12 hours PSE - $4800 (Usually $6000)

1 person per package - 1 left of each still available

*** Rates applicable only for bookings made in advance with 30% deposit paid.

*** Available to travel to your city by request. Travel costs to be covered by you.

If you wish to feel my warmth a little longer on these cold winter nights. Get in touch today!

SMS: 0474 845 502


Vivienne Black xxx

Winter Warmer Escort Vivienne Black

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V xx


New Hobart Tour Dates


 Oct 25 & 26th 2018!

Please make sure you do book in advance, I know many missed out by not organising  a date in time.

You can sms me 0474 845 502 to secure your date now or click my picture :)





Warning High Alert:: Sydney Sweet Escape:: Book Now


Sydney Sinners,

The countdown is on.

 The weekend wind up has now begun and the question that is wet on the tip of my tongue is  “are you ready for a complete and utter take over?”

 I am coming home and this time I am not on my own!

Phoenix Chase and I are two devilish partners in crime and we are offering you this rare opportunity to escape to our bed sheets, to have your rooster crowing in more ways than one.

If you really want to be bold, our lesbian double packages are something untold. 

You are unlikely to have experienced this encounter before as we encourage you to slip in and stay deep in the action.  There is no fakery here, we genuinely can't keep our hands off one and another.  Our chemistry is hot enough to melt your pants and cause a house fire on the daily! Whoever knew to burn alive could feel so darn good... 

These delightful and deviant dalliances accompanied by our cock-throbbing master-strokes are available just for you Sydney, this Saturday and Sunday from early until late. Please let it be known, we only have limited availability remaining.

Gift yourself an experience in the heist of a century as we steal hearts, dampens sheets and rocket you to the stratosphere and beyond.

A long kiss goodnight and I shall see you when you wake,

Vivienne x

Brand New Package - The Social Experience - Secret Service

*** New Social Package ***

It has been a long time coming, you asked for me to provide you with my charismatic companionship to quench your thirst and now I have the good news for you!

Starting immediately I am offering a new social package with my Bond Girl persona in mind called "Secret Service",  that will cater for you to enjoy more Vivi B in your life in more way than one.

Never again will you attend alone those dull, dreary and obligatory events that are so unsatisfactory without flirtatious company, to say the least. 

From here on in, your future work trips away can also include the exploration of new cities, accompanied by this adventurous and amorous grounded guide. Experience a thrilling and sensory-filled journey, tailor-made especially just for you to enjoy.

If you are seeking the presence of a delectable hostess with the mostess, who can please a crowd and deliver a night to remember, then I am the woman for you to pursue.

Perhaps you are yearning for a pamper date or a private picnic which is not solely focused on the physical pleasures in life. Where our time is instead superseded by wit and the art of conversing together, let us leave no thought or stone unturned. 

Refine your repertoire in any persuasion, no matter the topic you wish to achieve excellence in with my friendly guidance. Request a consultation, hire your very own suit stylist, personal shopper for the gifts you forgot away or a sultry private assistant by the hour. Confide in me the dynamite “date doctor” your confidential confidante, to boost your self-esteem, stroke your mind and perhaps share a friendship.

With me by your side as your discreet and bedazzling date or mate, we shall ignite a spark in your life and put a spring in your step if it will please.

You will not be left wanting, no incumbent function will ever be boring again, as I am your delightful tease.

Fall in lust with me as often or infrequent as you will. 

Click here to find out more today!

Vivienne Black x


Secret Service.10.png

Vivienne Black: Return to Oz - There is No Place Like Home!

Image 15.jpg

Dearest Australian lovers!

Are you ready to warmly welcome me home with a bang! ;)

Brisbane, you’re first in my sights, I’m coming to heat up your part of town. Steamy summer nights are better shared with fabulous company!

Sydney you’re next on my list. Let’s misbehave over the silly season; I’m the perfect measures of naughty and nice!


Brisbane: 9th – 11th December.

Sydney: 11th – 2nd January.


Seems Christmas is coming early this year in SYDNEY as I'm also available for doubles sessions with my sexy partner in crime Miss Brianna Price.

You can catch us in Sydney offering delectable doubles GFE and devious PSE packages on the dates below.


Sydney: 11th - 13th December.

Sydney: 20th - 25th December.


We want your summer to be endless; the #DreamTeam has a wonderful spread and new packages coming for you to unwrap soon!

So do not delay! Come treat yourself this December and make your holiday season an extra festive one!

Get in touch today on 0474 845 502 or at


Kisses Vivienne x

Personally Signed BlackLabel Magazines With Perverted Polaroid

Hello Hello World!

Your two cheeky Covergirls and carnal Centrefolds have finally got together for an extremely hot lesbian fuck fest! 

Yes, you heard right! Cece Reign and Vivienne Black are front and centre of this months release of Penthouse Blacklabel and wish to share their glorious gushing spread with you.

When you purchase a copy of your signed magazine through us, your lustful ladies will a include personal perverted polaroid in your package that is sure to make the tip of your tongue a little sweeter.

So, If you would love to steal a sneak peak of these two beauties sharing your banana split or steaming it up in the bath tub with no holes barred. Hold on tight and follow the devious directions below:


1. Select the Sexy Banana Split or Steamy Bath Edition, or even both!

2. Email your purchase request via the contact button below:


3. Confirm your order with a $50 payment per magazine + postage and handling.

4. Wait with anticipation until your Penthouse Playmates Package arrives at your door.

5. Unwrap your delightful gift and touch yourself knowing it has been sent with love!


We hope you will enjoy our explicit photos as much as we do! ;)


Lots of kisses,


Cece & Vivi xx

Penthouse Blacklabel Magazibe

NEW Penthouse Black Label Cover - Out Now!

Vivienne Black & Cece Reign 

The month of July is turning out to be a scorcher here at the Vivi Den. Not only am I sharing the cover with the sexy Cece Reign, to celebrate we are launching an exclusive doubles package just for you.

Catch a glimpse of us on the shelves, stare longingly at our carnal centrefold or take the next step and taste the delights of what not one but two goddesses can offer to you!

vivienne black penthouse black label





Vivienne’s Winter Warmer - Your Exclusive Overnight Package $3800

Dearest lovers,

As my international summer tour plans have unfortunately become unstuck, I shall be lingering a touch longer on the Australian East Coast this winter.

The weather outside is cooling down and the sunshine summer days have grinded to a chilling halt. I know this time of year has you down and you need to put some swagger back in your step. The best remedy of course is the tender care from your naughty Vivienne!

If you are seeking an experience un-rushed and need to feel the warmth of my wet gush. Then my-oh-my do I have the package for you!

I am offering the following delectable package exclusively for only ONE lucky lady or gentleman per week between the following dates:

June 15th – July 15th

Make sure you register your interest ASAP as I can guarantee my availability won’t be as wide open as my legs for long :)

12 hours GFE - $3800 (Usually $5000)

12 hours PSE - $5000 (Usually $6000)

*** Rates applicable only for bookings made in advance with payments made in full before we are due to meet.

*** Available to travel to your city by request. Travel costs to be covered by you.

*** Need to make some business payments before end of financial year? I do offer a discreet business receipt available for payments in full via Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

If you wish to feel my warmth a little longer on these cold winter nights. Get in touch today!


Vivienne Black xxx

Vivienne Australian Christmas Promotion


Christmas time is by far my most favourite time of year. The sun is warming, the temperature is rising and everyone is coming out of their winter shells to rejoin the world in celebrations. Why venture out on your own at this time, when you can enjoy the company of a sexy lady by your side?

I am gifting my Australian lovers with a special lunch/dinner date package. I wish to see more of you in and outside of the bedroom. Let's explore this coming vibrant summer together. The delightful devil is in the details below:


Available from November 26th - January 5th (Australian tour dates only)


Packages & Rates

Girlfriend Luncheon - NEW PACKAGE!

For the lady or gent who likes their lunch time fun served with a side of sexual chemistry. My Girlfriend lunch date package is designed for half time canapés and cocktails and half time rolling in the sheets. Strictly limited availability and by advanced appointment only.

3 hours - $1200


Delicious Dinner

Explore the best of what your city has to offer as we wine, dine and then escape to a devious 69, among other things! Usually offered at $2000, I have reduced my package as a Christmas gift for you. If you have ever wished to dine with me and then on me… Don’t miss this while it lasts. Strictly limited availability and by advanced appointment only.

4 hour GFE dinner delights - $1500


*** For bookings made in advance with deposit.

*** For bookings made for Australian tour dates

International Tour First Stop: SINGAPORE June 16th - 23rd 2016

Dearest Singapore Lovers,

I have heard your prayers, I have listened to your calls and now this alluring angel is finally flying your way! 

 Lets spend the days together sipping Singapore slings, while enjoying each others company in the naughtiest ways imaginable. I have a deviant imagination, do you?

It's time to make your desires a reality. Think about all the raw, intense and absolute delicious noises of pleasure we will be making together. Feel the warmth of my silky sun kissed skin against yours. Taste how sweet this naughty girl can be as I use my cherry lips to take to heaven and beyond.

Advanced bookings are essential to avoid disappointment. Get in touch today...

Love Vivi xx