Deposit Policy


Vivienne Black

What Are Escort Deposits?

In every other industry when an appointment is booked in, you will be required to hold that allocated time by paying a deposit.

Escort deposits are not different, due to the increasing numbers of fake bookings, time-wasting enquirers and diminishing safety, we have had to adapt to the changing market to keep our businesses profitable.

My Escort Deposits Policy

Please note all advance bookings require a 30% holding deposit, which can be paid via:

Cash Deposit – at any Commbank Australia smart atm or bank teller

Bank transfer – to my discreet design business account

Credit Card – over the phone or with a credit card via an online portal which I shall send you a link to complete

For your convenience, I now accept payment by debit and credit card in person for full payment and for booking deposits. 

All credit card payment will incur a 2% surcharge.

Your deposit must be received before our playtime commences.

Any payments exceeding 5k AUD are required to pay GST

International Escort Deposits

International Deposits are requested to pay up to a 50% holding fee, depending on your specific requests such as time of booking and fly me to your travel payments.

Cancellation Policy

Your deposit is refundable less any loss to me for your cancellation unless:

You provide less than 24 hours notice

Your booking is a Fly Me To You or a VIP Extended Date

This is not your first cancellation

You have requested services or special items that I had to purchase

*** Please note: If I am the one who cancels our date I will provide adequate attempts to provide an alternative meeting time. If you are unable to reschedule, I will return your deposit to you in full.

Your escorts time is money, we reserve our time exclusively for you and we are counting on you to make it to your booking. Please keep this in mind when deciding on a date and time, making sure it is an appointment you can keep.