Sydney Covergirl Escort

Vivienne Black

Sydney covergirl escort Vivienne Black is one of the most well known and well reviewed, sexy, successful and seductive intimate call girl centrefolds. Sweet and delicious, she had jumped out of your favourite mens magazines and landed in bed with you.

Couples Escort

Naturally bi-sexual, I would delight in partaking in your next couple playtime sex fest orgy. Watching a woman turn on is one of the sexiest things life has to offer, I love to be a part of it!

I understand that inviting another to join in your relationship whether it be for a matter of hours or days can be a daunting and unnerving situation. I have been a client in the exact same situation, searching for a lady to join my fun.

I like to place importance on making sure that both individuals are taken care of equally in our Ménage à trois, and know the problems and heart ache it can cause when one is placed of the other.

All of my couples packages include the same sexual satisfaction and services included in my VBE package.

Sydney Couples Escort Experience Hourly Rates

1 hour - 1000

1.5 hours - 1400

2 hours - 1800

2.5 hours - 2100

3 hours - 2400

4 hours - 3000

5 hours - 3500

Half Day

6-9 hours - 4000


12-14 hours - 5500

Full Day

24 hours - 6600


48 hours - 8800