New Online Services

Dearest Lovers

I am sorry to report that I have been, and will continue to be in isolation for the remainder of the crisis. I hate to upset those who have been wishing to see me for a rendevous.

Please understand that I have a responsibility and duty of care to my family as well as for my own health. As many of you already know, I am caring for an unwell family member, and it is difficult enough without adding any further complications.

Well, What Now?

Due to my, location and inability to gain satisfactory privacy in isolation, I will not be offering pornographic content on fans accounts, nude pics, phone sex or requests for any sex-focused content created during this time.

Instead, I will be focussing on my work with Sin By Design & Perversity.

Please do follow along with my blog and social media daily. Comment, like and share as much as possible if you can?

I would be ever so grateful if you help me get Perversity off the ground once it is ready…..and on-trend ASAP.

Temporary New Services

Online Coaching for Men, Women & Couples

Do you find you have all these ideas that you don’t know how to execute or where to start?

Amazing, you are in the right spot!

I am known as a rather quick and tactful problem solver, I think fast, on my feet and have a wealth of experience from my own entrepreneurial endeavours.

Fucking my mind with a good business idea makes me horny.

What you need is a dripping wet, savvy soundboard hoe on the go, to give structure to your otherwise chronic and cyclonic brainstorm.

I help you set and implement achievable goals. My a step-by-step, stairway to heaven, boss lady, and business pussy process will show you how your big idea can flourish and explode.

My tenacious CEO vibes will be on your mind, each and every time, you wank and blow your load.

Perhaps you want to learn how to deep throat your man’s rock hard cock like a pro?

I have a technique that is best described as heavenly. I can bring a man to his knees with each gentle lick and tongue flick, as my soft lips kiss tip to base, up and down in one rhythmic motion.

Sharing is caring and I am more than willing to share my award-winning bj skills with you. So you can keep your man where he belongs, on his knees and grovelling before you.

Are you struggling to express how you are feeling to your partner during this isolation?

Living in such close quarters and in trying times can amplify existing woes or anxieties. As humans sometimes we withhold information due to fear and rejection, sometimes we are completely unaware that our own actions weave different stories in the minds of the ones we love.

Whether seeking advice about relationships, dating, sex, the general daily grind, or you just feel so bloody lonely and need a non-judgemental digital discussion, as you tune-up your tinder profile or resume.

Now you can take a sneak peek through my webcam and into my office, during an online session with yours truly.

The Important Details

I am available for video calls starting 27th March 2020 and I am very excited to open up my virtual Vivi Den to you.

Here is how you get in:

  • SMS 0474 845 502, or
  • Email
  • Detail your enquiry and start with a “hello” – followed by your name.
  • Date, time and special requests.
  • Deposit – Card (phone or Bpay) or bank transfer?

The Virtual Vivi Den Rates

1 Hour Session – $250 AUD

4 x Hour Pack – $900 AUD

4 x Sessions @ 1Session Per Week

***Advance scheduling essential

*** 30% deposit required to book a time

*** Full payment required before the session starts.

Email me here.

Keep in Touch, Please!

If you would like to stay in touch, only until the day we can fuck , please only comment via social media (not DMS)

To all my amazing lovers, friends and my troll, I can assure you after sickness, fires and now the C-19 plague getting about, that I will not be able to retire this year as expected.

You can look forward to many tour dates from me as soon as it is safe to leave my abode and head abroad.