Business Coaching Review by Brisbane Escort

March 8, 2020

Below is the recent business coaching review submitted via twitter for escort business mentor and small business consultant Vivienne Black (Sin By Design).

9th March, 2020

“The reports are very comprehensive and a bit over my head but partnering it with a chat with Vivienne cleared it all up and helped to make so much sense. I was able to understand what I needed to do going forward in business and which steps to take first, making it easy to action. Vivienne is excellent at keeping the discussion on the topic and we covered a lot of ground in the hour session. I would recommend a business session if you want to see where you are at and where you need to go next to improve your business”.

Ruby Wild – Brisbane Escort

What is The Digital Marketing Assessment with EXC & Sin By Design?

Through my creative brand agency Sin By Design, I offer a Digital Marketing Assessment Package, complete with report and coaching session.

In the digital marketing assessment, I look over all aspects of your current digital marketing structure including but not limited to:

  • Advertising Platforms
  • Marketing Tools (E-Marketing)
  • Website Design and Site Map
  • SEO Keywords
  • Branding Elements
  • Social Media Channels & Engagement

From there, I produce a report and priority checklist of aspects that you need to change in your current strategy.

During our coaching session, I reissue you with a new marketing strategy that will see your productivity rise and your income increase

A month later we discuss your findings and outcomes.

Thanks, Ruby For The Feedback!

A business coaching review and feedback is always welcome, I absolutely adore and appreciate the extra effort that Ruby has put in, by taking the time to write this for me.

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