7 Valuable Escorting Tips For New Private Girls

Advice for “Baby Hoes” Starting an Escort Business in 2020.

Have you previously been working for an escort agency or at a brothel? Want to utilise the COVID downtime to start and establish your new private girls escort business online in 2020?

When you operate an escort service-based business on your own, your first aim should be to ensure that sex work is working for you, rather than you working to fix it.

In this blog, I give you my advice, or at least a small handful, of what I consider the most overlooked, yet most necessary components of working for yourself.  

Keep this in mind; I cut this blog down from 25 points to 7! There are so many things you need to know, and I shall endeavour to post more tips soon.

For now, my seven valuable escorting tips for new private girls, aka baby hoes, starting their escort business online in 2020, will help you understand and streamline your sex provider brand and business, in no time!

Let’s get to it!

#1 – Assess If Private Is Affordable For You.

If you follow my Instagram account and pay attention to “ask an industry mentor” question and answer time that I host, then you would be aware that I have said these tips a good few times:

  • 1. live within your means
  • 2. make sure you can afford to work.

Firstly, in general, and regardless of the job they do, people struggle to live within their means.

What is the meaning of this I hear your brain asking allowed? 

The answer is, your lifestyle shouldn’t reflect how much money you make, but how much money you make to save or reinvest into your business.

Don’t be stupid with your cash, everyone splashes out from time to time, but save for the things you want, and identify your needs vs wants financially.

As a new private girl escort, you have more business expenses in one month of touring, than most people make in half a year.

From advertising, incalls and tour budgets, if you don’t have the cash to work, to keep your business online and to take those bookings when they come in… then you are fucked. Excuse my french 🙂

If you are a highly paid and high traffic escort that’s great, but it means nothing if you make 25k per tour and fail to put aside anything. The aim is to make enough to save and pay your bills too.

Running a brand focused, well advertised, highly-visible private escort business costs a shit tonne of money. French intended.

It’s not just the colossal photoshoot fee to start and time brand building that drains the funds. The considerable prices are ongoing, both in cash and in time.

This was my monthly business expenses list and bottom dollar total goal below. I already had to make all this before I could break even in February 2018 (just before I went part-time).

Please note:

  • I only exceeded this because I toured the entire month and worked ten am until midnight almost every day in multiple international cities.
  • The stated fact above is also the reason why my expenses were so high. Touring is freaking expensive, as you will soon see.
  • Also, I was at the peak of my full-time career. I put countless hours into social media, online digital marketing and magazine work. 
  • Please do not be disheartened or place these figures on a pedestal for you to reach – they are monstrous and not always the norm.

February 2018 Expenses:

  • Monthly Rent Sydney CBD home/incall 

AUD 7450.00

  • Monthly Rent Sydney CBD incall (rented out)

AUD 4000.00

Monthly Rent Melbourne CBD

AUD 3700.00

  • Personal Assistant 36 hours a week

AUD 950.00

  • Advertising Sydney Escort Directories 


(Scarlet Blue, Private Girls, Available Angels, Escort and Babes etc.)

  • Advertising Australian Touring Escort Directories 

AUD 1096.00

(Scarlet Blue, Private Girls, Available Angels, Escort and Babes etc.)

  • Advertising Singapore Touring Escort Directories

AUD 465.00

  • Advertising Hong Kong Touring Escort Directories

AUD 564.00

  • Adverting London Touring Escort Directories

AUD 275.00

  • Old Website (Squarespace)

AUD 35.00

  • Web Hosting (go daddy)

AUD 15.00

  • Cleaner

AUD 260.00

  • Cat Sitter

AUD 900.00

  • Tour Flights

AUD 3500.00

  • Tour Hotels

AUD 3200.00

  • Tour Food

$600. AUD

  • Hair & Extensions

$700.00 AUD

  • Makeup

AUD 450

  • Phone Bill

AUD 79.00

  • Internet Bill

AUD 60.00

  • Supplies

AUD 85.00

One Month Fees = AUD 28,541

Less Incall Rentals = AUD 4550

One Month Bottom Dollar Expenses = AUD 23,991

Makes you sick doesn’t?

#2 – Plan Three Months Ahead.

For any business, it helps to set a weekly schedule and a game plan for at least three months ahead (one tax quarter).

Once you find your groove as a business owner, think about the future, look at what’s coming up and consider it when planning your movements and investments.

Things to look out for

These examples may result in a dull private girl tour and include:

  • Interstate or international school holiday dates
  • – Family events like Floriade in Canberra
  • – Parlement not in session (also Canberra)
  • – Pandemic 
  • – Road Closures and Construction (incall locations)
  • – Some directories perform better than others in different locations
  • – Not booking accommodation and flights in advance when cheaper
  • – Not taking deposits to reduce time wasters (tips for this next time – I know not everyone can take conventional bank deposits)

By planning and advertising ahead, you are effectively helping to create a sustainable business with long term success.

Long term is great!

It is a far better angle to take, than an unorganised business with the occasional instant pile of cash that runs out.

Planning and sticking to your own schedule is your way to fast track success and it is vital for it too.

Success does not operate on a per-job or per week income; success understands that ebbs and flows happen throughout the month and sets goals or KPIs (key performance indicators).

Success is taking all the jobs you can early until you hit your KPI’s and then having the ability to choose if you wish to exceed those to make even more.

Success is looking at your former schedules, plans and data to aid in measuring your success. Using real data like analytics for your website is using factual knowledge to make necessary changes rather than guessing with your cognitive bias. I go down that rabbit hole on the Sin By Design Escort Website Guide. Read it here.

Success is consistency in your social media plan and posting schedules. Your audience and your clients like consistency. It makes you a dependable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy brand to book time and time again.

Expect to put time and effort into everything you do in life that is valuable. Nothing worth it is easy to obtain and sustain in business. 

By setting a consistent schedule that you can keep to is the critical step to owning your business and controlling your income long term through the use of impactful digital marketing.

#3 – Invest Time In Your Audience.

I’m going to be incredibly blunt and straightforward with this tip. 

Any person who tells you that you do not need social media and another form of content marketing, for any business, including adult businesses, is an idiot (likely too harsh, sorry).

I regularly see others in our industry advising baby hoes, proclaiming they don’t need escort social media because of “XYZ”.

Usually, that person adds that they HAD escort social media, and then STOPPED POSTING one day with no negative impacts…everything was fine. Blah, blah!

Well, the key in this paragraph was they HAD ESCORT SOCIAL MEDIA in the first place. They already grew their brand authority, and then they stopped using it once they decided not to expand their reach further.

Their business wasnt impacted because they are not seeking to grow it and instead opted to only reap the rewards of past efforts made.

Brand presence is still visible via social links. Think of everything online as leaving a digital brand footprint, the more footprints you have, the more others can find you with ease.

In addition to the above, our market is so heavily saturated. It is dominated by a few large directories that everyone is on as well, and you are almost invisible unless paying premium. 

Using social media is like pointing a spotlight straight on you in the dark, all of a sudden clients can see you. Your advertising your brand fast and in half the time and cost.

Social media is how the majority of all potential customers, in any industry, come to decide if they appreciate and value the brand enough to spend money on it (your brand). They have to want to choose you over all the potential brands offering the same services and you need to show them why.

To further this, if you take an omnichannel approach (multiple platforms for the one brand). Tailor your content effectively for each with the user intent in mind. You will be light years ahead of your competition, and your piggy bank will swell and cheer with glee.

Your fundamental prerogatives for any business should be: 

  • Consistent (posting regularly gains trust)
  • Relatable (share your brand story, show your value and how you solve a problem)
  • Approachable (show you are available to connect with)

Social media marketing is FREE advertising. Use it well and wisely, and you are further on the road to success than you know.

In addition to the above is this hot tip. Social media can have an instant good or adverse impact on your bookings. 

When marketing, I find the big payout, payoff and influx of enquires usually take about three consistent weeks of engagement.

In comparison to my statement above, a negative response to what you tweet can take as little as 3 seconds to impact your business.


A few years ago when I mentored startups or rebrands in the industry (3 months of me managing and teaching), We had a trendy young lady in our ranks. 

This young lady spent so much time fostering the rapport and relationship with her online audience, and she did it so well, that what happened next came as a rather big shock to her and a huge lesson that was never repeated.

After “putting up with” a long day of bookings and alcohol, this sweet thing joined in a conversation on twitter publicly dissing clients for bad hygiene, bad health, bad odour and obesity.

Within the space of a few minutes, her plump booked out multi-city tour had almost an entire three days of cancellations with more to follow. All clients who cancelled mentioned how offensive her comments were to them.

What’s worse, is all the clients she had seen that day and that week, took to twitter to defend themselves because they thought she was talking about them. 

Every single thing you post on social media has a consequence. Posting bitchy remarks, screenshots of clients messages to you with the proof your rudeness (by also showing your replies to them) – impacts your income Long Term!

“Post Class not Entitled Ass” and you shall be a-ok.

#4 – Keep it Separate Stupid.

Earlier in this blog, I mentioned the positive impacts of digital footprints, did you know that technology likes to piece together your footprints too?

It is imperative for your discretion that you do not use your personal number or personal phone to advertise and access your work persona and profiles.

If you do, you can expect Facebook to suggest olden goldie Nanna as friends with work persona, and that client you had no idea was stalking you, could get a hold of your real name.

Keep it separate stupid! It had a rather easy ring to remember, wouldn’t you agree?

#5 – Figure Out Who You Are – Be More Of That.

The best-kept secret for successful personal branding is not to mimic anyone that you think is successful in your chosen field.

It’s not a matter of constructing an entirely unrealistic, glamourous persona, wearing Christian Louboutins or taking photos in agent provocateur.

Instead, it is to find and communicate your key points difference, then amplify them for all the world to see.

If you don’t know how to do the above, just figure out who you are and be more of that.

Branding, marketing and sales are diffidently my passions in business, if you would like to learn more about the ways I can help you grow your escort business, check out my coaching services page here.

#6 – People Pay For Your Time.

I am going to start drilling this into your baby hoe mind early on. Sex workers MIGHT offer sex, when and if they consent to, and only ever at their discretion. 

The above also applies for any of their other listed services or packages you may have. 

When a client books an escort, a client books and pays for your time! What you consent to do, on a per booking basis is entirely up to you.

You should aim to provide what you have advertised, but if you are unable to, that’s ok too. Just be honest and offer some alternatives.

If there is a personal problem, such as illness, period activity, trauma, bad feelings or just an emotional day, then you, as the worker, have the option to refuse any services as you see fit.

If you do not feel comfortable, if your gut is screaming at you to abort the mission, if you are worried about your safety at any time – leave.

You can always explain yourself if you wish to later because you will have the opportunity to do that. There have been some beautiful souls taken too soon while working; please be careful.

Aim never to get too comfortable or complacent, please always have a check-in buddy or driver where possible. I will be offering security tips via an online workshop. I won’t be sharing this info publicly online.

#7 – Be Pro Sex Worker

I would like to address a frequently occurring question that baby prostitutes and ignorant clients ask.

Question: What is the difference between a prostitute, hooker, escort, call-girl and courtesan?

Response: Absolutely nothing!

 We all suck cock for cash – jokes! Not all of us. Some “sex workers” (the correct way to refer to people working in the sex industry) advertise and prefer to offer only non-sexual services. On occasion, even full services escorts choose not to do this as well.

Sex Work incorporates social escorts, strippers, camming, erotic massage workers and BDSM providers etc. The varying types of sex work are incredibly diverse, as are the services, yet we are all hoes.

So as for the difference between a prostitute, hooker, escort, call-girl and courtesan? Please do not get tied up in trying to identify yourself in the different meanings of these. The only thing that separates the sense of those synonyms is the intent of the one who is using them.

Most outsider industry folk will use one over the other to attempt to slur (prostitute), others assume a call-girl is somehow different and therefore, classy.

Hate to break it to y’all; it’s all the same – own it!

Industry folk who campaign that there is a difference between these words, don’t understand them, or they are in denial.

Whoreachy now that is a word you should become familiar with, it will get drilled into you soon enough no doubt.