5 Tips for Staying Organised While Touring

March 16, 2020

5 Tips for Staying Organised While Travelling for Work

Maintaining the usual and mundane organised schedule can be difficult on the go. When we travel for work, we can encounter irregular issues, lack of space, and potential charging problems for laptops, phones, and tablets. That’s why it’s so important to create an organisation structure that will keep you in control of all materials, information, and communication, anywhere in the world.

Here are 5 tips for staying organised while travelling…

  1. Download an Itinerary App:

There are plenty of free itinerary apps that will help you keep everything from tickets and receipts to meeting times and hotel bookings organised. It’s a great way to access everything you need on the go, considering you can just pull out your phone, open the app, and see the pertinent information you need to remain productive. One itinerary app to check out today is TripIt, which can be downloaded here: https://www.tripit.com/learnMore

2.Unpack When You Can:

Even if you’re just staying in a hotel for one night, it’s always a good idea to unpack what you can. When you keep all of your belongings in one suitcase, it can be hard to envision outfits and do a proper audit of the clothing you have with you. Plus, it will help you keep your expensive outfits organised and wrinkle-free if you hang them up in the closet while you can.

3.Consider Packing Cubes, Folders, and Compression Bags:

Packing aids are a great way to keep your belongings compartmentalised on the go. You can add in folders, cubes, and compression bags that keep your clothing, toiletries, and working documents separate, so you know where everything is at all times. It’s also worth considering travelling suitcases and backpacks made with 10+ compartments that you can label with stickers to keep everything perfectly organised.

4. Make Packing & Unpacking Lists:

Before you embark on your next travel trip, be sure to make a list of everything you need for the adventure ahead of time. Keep that list on your person to help you keep track of your belongings. Sometimes, we can forget about the things we packed if we have a suitcase with multiple compartments.

If you travel weekly or biweekly, consider unpacking lists that also help you keep track of what you have and have not unpacked.

5.Digitise Everything You Can:

The passbook icons that come with all smartphones today are a great place to keep all of your reservations and tickets so you don’t have to worry about any printed out documents. This will make it easier for you to recall tickets as you go through security, cutting back on time you can spend preparing for your workday on the road.

Maximise Your Traveling Experience 

You don’t have to succumb to the stress and disorganisation that can come from running a business on the road. Be sure to treat yourself and stay on top of the organisation so everything is smooth, seamless, and stress-free.