13 Attractions For Escorts Touring Singapore

April 2, 2020

Whether you’re in Singapore already or thinking about it, these attractions are sure to be a little joy and pick me up for escorts touring Singapore.

Singapore is a beautiful nation to immerse yourself in, at the begging. Admittedly it can lose its sparkle rather quickly and seem like a complete bore at times. Keep this list in mind because as you will come to know there isn’t that much to do in Singapore when on tour and simply walking around, but these hidden gems plus the meeting people, the culture, and stunning architecture are pretty damn fine – oomph!

Covering everything from speed races and shopping, to food and drinks, I am going to make it easy for you to master the art of Singapore attractions while on tour.

Ready to get started? Here are my Thirteen Attractions For Escorts Touring Singapore.

The Singapore Grand Prix

Held in September, the Singapore Grand Prix is a motor race that takes place on the Marina Bay Street Circuit. It’s known for being an action-packed and stellar entertainment option, considering that the iconic street race will be gearing up for its 12th edition this September 2019. Oh, did I mention it takes place at night? Consider this event as a perfect option for a family, friend, or romantic entertainment.

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Brix Escort Bar Under the Hyatt Hotel

Calling all gentlemen – the Brix Escort Bar is certainly one you won’t want to miss on a trip to Singapore. Located in the basement of the Hyatt Hotel, this bar-turned-club is known for loud, fun music and nonstop dancing that makes it a huge party for everyone in attendance. Catch everything from jazz-funk and pop to disco music depending on the night/theme. Be sure to check beforehand!

Check out this “ex-pats blog” about Brix to get more of an idea 🙂

Orchard Towers

Cheekily also called the Four Floor of Hors, the Orchard Towers are an 18-story office building complex that features everything from bars and retail outlets, to restaurants and clubs. If you’re into a sexual escapade, the Orchard Towers differ from other Red Light establishments in Singapore, given that you can interact with freelance sex workers who leave the building to engage with you at your hotel across the street, etc. It’s certainly a sight you don’t want to miss!

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Lucky Plaza

Lucky Plaza is known for being one of the most visited shopping areas of all of Singapore, with hundreds of food, bar, and shopping establishments to consider. Some of the best food places include Rabbit Brand Delicacies Food outlet, Saveur, Hua Ji Sliced Fish Soup, Greenview Café, Minang House, and the list goes on. Best of all – the spot is known for cheap and affordable tech shopping, making it a great option for budget-conscious consumers or those needing to update their phones, laptops and cameras, when staying in the Orchard area.

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The Mustafa Centre

If you’re someone who can shop at any hour of the day, then check out the Mustafa Center – open 24-hours, 7-days per week. The shopping centre consists of two main sections: one retailing jewellery, household appliances, and supermarket items, with the other retailing books, DVDs, watches, electronics, footwear, toys, and clothing.

Most importantly: for escorts wishing to exchange money, it contains a money exchange that you can use any time of day, no matter when you arrive or are departing Singapore. The rates are not too bad also.

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Threadbare & Squirrel

For when you are seeking a break from the same standard clothing labels and predictable genres of stores, and trust me in Sg there are mainstream shops everywhere. Threadbare and Squirrel are a multi-label boutique, assembled like a walk-in wardrobe and have little regard to mainstream trends. Their unique storehouse’s labels from Japan, Sweden, Iceland and Australia – go to know if you want to buy something reasonably prices and in more than one size.

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Books Actually

Nerdy bookworms like myself go ga-ga at indie store books actually. This shop is like a little hideaway in Tiong Bahru, surrounded by cafes and potted plants splashed along the front window and walkway, it’s super hard to miss when trying to locate. The store contains an international, eclectic collection featuring the current bestsellers, vintage poets, sensitive and censored material as well as local up and coming.

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Looksee Looksee

If you are feeling a little cooped up in the hotel room, Looksee Looksee has wifi and is a fabulous public chillout room. Decked out in pastel colours, natural wood and natural light. This little gem is the perfect place to get creative or do your admin with a coffee. For a tip, you can get a speciality tea or cocktail to help wash down all those emails you will be responding to while on tour.

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Open Farm Community

Singapore is a land-scarce city, and finding a restaurant or cafe that offers farm to table produce is ridiculously hard. The Open Farm Community are one of the super rare places that can do just that. To top it off they are located on a hill and grow their own farm-garden outside with fresh herbs for your cocktails… yum!

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Seeking a pick me and social chill time while on tour in Singapore? Loof is a pretty laid back rood top garden cocktail bar, equipped with beer pong and chilli crab cheese fries. This hot spot is the perfect little vacay with a panoramic city sky as the backdrop for a wild night.

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Smack My Beach Up

Located at Tanjong Beach Club in Santosa Island is this killer Sunday sesh and beach bar. Usually, hosting DJ acts from across the world, they also display some local talent too. You go to Smack My Beach Up for the ambience, Singapore is pretty hectic at times and this beach that is typically not overcrowded unless there is a huge gig. I do want to manage your expectations a little, although a wicked spot, this place is dwarfed by beautiful Australian beaches with pristine sand.

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Gardens By The Bay

This otherwordly garden is reminiscent of the movie Avatar but way better! A horticultural and eco-friendly tourist attraction, with a 23 degree Flower Dome to showcase the most beautiful blooms all through the year. Frequent features are masses of tulips and cherry blossoms, it is rather delightful. If you stay after dusk you can be there to witness a kaleidoscopic spectacle of illuminated supertrees and music.

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Arts & Science Museum

This is the place to find world-class touring exhibitions that land in Singapore for a short time. The Arts and Science museums are host to an incredibly creative space where art and design meet the scientific world. Also eco-friendly, the building is designed to allow natural light to enter the structure and collects rainwater for the centres use. Crystal universe is my favourite display, consisting of 170,000 LED lights to fill you with that feeling of childlike wonder and beauty of the world around you.

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Wrapping Up

As you can see, the nation of Singapore is accommodating to travellers of all backgrounds looking to shop, drink, chill and party. My Attractions For Escorts Touring Singapore will fill in some of those hours you have to spare or when you need to step out for a while and zen. Be sure to check out some of these Singapore attractions on your next adventure.

Love You All!